Monday, December 3, 2012

Our suggested bike share station locations!

by Michelle Stenzel

Map showing the initial bike share rollout area in yellow,
and the planned second phase, in the pink border.
Bike Walk Lincoln Park supporters and friends met recently to discuss recommended bike share station locations within the 43rd ward. Please see our prior post on the basics of Chicago's planned bike share system here

We used a map taken from the current suggested locations on the Chicago Bike Program's website seeking community input, and worked through each area of the ward, discussing reasons why a specific place would justify a station location. Chicago Department of Transportation staff have said they would like to have the stations every half mile quarter mile apart at the most, so we made sure there were no gaps in our suggested network.

We produced a map (link to view the PDF map is here), a list and a letter. The map is below, and you can see the letter we sent to Alderman Michele Smith and CDOT Commissioner Gabe Klein here.

We had two journalists join us at the meeting to discuss bike share locations, and you can see the DNA Info Chicago article here, and Medill student journalist Sonali Basak's video coverage here.
Map of the 45 sites that Bike Walk Lincoln Park has suggested for bike share stations within the 43rd ward.
What do you think of our suggested locations? We urge you to go to the Chicago Bike Program's website yourself to up vote our suggested sites if you agree, or leave your comments here or on the city's website if you don't! The more community input from citizens, the stronger and more successful the city's bike share system will be.

Citizens in action: Our discussion of bike share locations in Lincoln Park.

Edit made 12/05/12: Corrected that the stations are to be a quarter of a mile apart, not a half mile apart! We got it right during our pow-wow and on the map; I just wrote it wrong on this blog post and on our letter to Ald. Smith and Comm. Klein. C'est la vie. -- MS
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  1. This is awesome Michelle! Thank you! I think the proposed sites that you have suggest are great! Thanks and keep up the great work!