Monday, August 1, 2011

Show that you share the road!

Many of us in Lincoln Park not only bike and walk, but also drive cars on occasion! People using any of the three modes of transportation all have rights and responsibilities.

The state of Illinois and the League of Illinois Bicyclists has a great new way for you to show your support for the concept of "Sharing the Road". If 1,500 people place a pre-order, the state will begin printing these dandy license plates:

The additional cost the first year is $51, and each year after that $22, but $20 of that will go to the League of Illinois Bicyclists' educational programs. This is well worth it for eye-catching and unique plates like this! You'll be assigned a brand new license plate number of 4 digits, or customizing with vanity characters will be available.

Get all the information you need here to put your order in today!

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