Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are Chicago's pedestrian safety posters too depressing? Cross post from Grid Chicago

This Could Be Your Daughter: One of many pedestrian safety campaign posters displayed currently in the Loop.
(Photo: Bike Walk Lincoln Park)
I was invited to contribute a guest post to the transportation issues website Grid Chicago, and chose to write about the city's pedestrian safety campaign.
The posters bring a visual and psychological ick factor to our streets. It’s simply not aesthetically optimal to have graphic photos like that everywhere:  They’re not beautiful, uplifting, or inspiring, but are instead fear-inducing. After seeing them once, you don’t want to look at them again to absorb the negativity being broadcast. They send the message that Chicago is a dangerous place if, instead of driving, you dare to walk around – look what could happen to you!
Read the full post on Grid Chicago here.                     
-- Michelle Stenzel


  1. Some people do find those displays as too unnerving. I do not approve of them as well. They give a wrong impression as well on the streets of Chicago.

  2. Chicago should also implement some repairs and renovation on their streets to prevent accidents. Although this can be very distracting, the message of this ad is very understandable. Reckless driving kills.

  3. Sometimes people are too hard-headed that such depressing photos are put up to make people aware of this. Although this is not quite ideal, at least it helps. liquid limestone perth

  4. Well, it's not depressing, it's reality. If a person needs to be frightened by a poster to take actions say for example crossing a street with caution, then so be it. At least it's the right thing. For any accident, call personal injury attorney los angeles to help you with.