Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's the Bike Walk Lincoln Park mission statement!

by Michelle Stenzel

Now that Bike Walk Lincoln Park is one year old, we decided it's time to formulate a mission statement. 

During our recent BWLP meeting (minutes coming soon!), we reviewed and adopted these principles, to help guide us as we go forward. 
Nice stamped brick crosswalk at Clark and Dickens for pedestrians. Not much for bicyclists here, yet.
(Photo: Bike Walk Lincoln Park)

Bike Walk Lincoln Park’s mission is to work to ensure that riding a bicycle and walking for transportation and recreation in the 43rd ward is pleasant and safe.

More specifics after the jump! --->

  • Advocating for improved safety for pedestrians and bicyclists;
  • Promoting and encouraging biking and walking as viable modes of transportation through events and social activities;
  • Working with the alderman, other local elected officials, and municipal administrators to advance biking and walking issues;
  • Increasing awareness and understanding between users of all modes of transportation;
  • Providing a forum for input and participation of biking and walking issues in the ward, through meetings, blog entries, and social media;
  • Supporting citywide initiatives like Chicago’s Bike 2015 Plan, Streets for Cycling Plan 2020, Chicago Pedestrian Plan, Chicago Forward!, and Healthy Chicago, and working to implement them locally;
  • Participating in the review process of development and transportation projects to ensure that the safety and convenience of people walking and riding bikes are accommodated and balanced through all phases of a project, per Chicago’s Complete Streets Policy.

Did we miss anything?

There are many exciting developments currently happening in Lincoln Park and throughout the city for people walking and biking, and we want to make sure that all our future efforts stay close to our core values.

We hope you support these values, and help us work toward the objectives. 
There's a lot of work to be done. We need your help! (Photo: Bike Walk Lincoln Park)
How can you participate? Join our e-mail mailing list, follow us on Twitter, attend the occasional meetings, pass along your suggestions and ideas, work with us on specific projects, or just leave supportive comments on our blog posts! 

Join the mailing list by dropping a line to

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